Professional Pet Services

Providing the Best Care for Your Best Friend

Puppy Care

Puppy Program – 2 twenty minute solo visits (one between 10am-12pm, the other between 2pm-4pm.) This program is designed to encourage appropriate house training behavior, training reinforcement and includes dispensing of meals, as requested.

Play Group

Play Group – 40-60min – An off-leash play session, focused on dog:dog appropriate behavior and features work on recall in a stimulating environment. Playgroup is limited to 4 dogs each session.

Group Walks

Group Walks – 20min/30min/40min/60min – These socialization based walks focus on appropriate leash and dog:dog behaviors. Groups are maximized at 4 dogs and we try to match dogs based on size and temperament. We utilize off-leash play when conditions allow.

Solo Walks

Solo Walks – 20min/40min – These walks are reserved for dogs with medical or behavioral needs necessitating focused, individualized attention. All walks feature positive training reinforcement. Danielle will utilize “off-leash play” when deemed appropriate, either in a fully enclosed space or with the aid of a long line/training lead.

Dog Hikes

Our hiking services features up-to 3 hours of active time in local forested areas. We actively work on recall, recall with whistle, stays with distraction, redirection, and focused attention while out on trail. Keeping your dog’s mind and  body active, warranting one tired out pup at the end of the day.

A surcharge may apply to walks requested after 4pm.

Overnight Care & Boarding

Overnight Care – Michael and I offer boarding in our home to your dog(s). In-home boarding is found to be less stressful to your pet and their immune system. Boarding is crate free, when appropriate. Our pick-up and drop-off service is very convenient to accommodate your busy schedule.

Ask about our Exit Bath and Nail Trim offer for boarding dogs!

Additional charges may be applicable for overnight care on holidays, including New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, and Christmas Day

In Your Home Care For Cats And Critters

This service is inclusive of litter box cleaning, light vacuuming, feedings, playtime, and medication dispensing (including insulin injections.

House Sitting

House sitting is reserved for families whose pet is not a good candidate for Overnight Care in our home. We have an experienced, mature, professional who is able to stay full-time in your home. She is able to offer exclusive and customized care to your pet(s), per your direction.