Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay?

Bark Around Boston utilizes invoicing services from Pet Pocketbook, a secure payment processor. Invoices are emailed on the following Monday that services were provided. You may pay with cash, check, Venmo, ACH or credit card.

What supplies do I need to provide?

You supply the dog, collar/harness and appropriate 4-6ft leash (flat leather or nylon preferred) and we take care of the rest. We will not use FLEXI leashes, an alternate leash will be provided for you to keep for $15.

What tools do you use on my dog?

Bark Around Boston will NEVER use training tools other than provided without your consent We pride ourselves on being a resource to aid in the relationship between you and your dog. If we think an alternate method of communication maybe a smoother fit, we will let you know. Usually, we have samples on hand for you to try. That being said, we do love the Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design.

My dog had an accident; who cleans it?

Yikes, accidents happen. Bark Around Boston will clean up solid waste, urine and vomit to the best of their ability, taking into consideration the materials affected by the incident. Saturated rugs or bedding may be placed in the tub for you to choose how to deal with it or if the item is salvageable. Specialty furnishings, if affected,  will not be touched due to the sensitive nature of fabrics. Floors will be wiped up with provided paper towels/non-abrasive cleaners or Nature’s Miracle.

Does my dog have to walk perfect on a leash?

No! We would be out of business. We know dogs come from different backgrounds and have different levels of training. We will aid you in helping your pet walk better on leash, guiding you with tools or training recommendations if needed.

My dog struggles meeting new dogs/people. Can he participate?

Of course! We make it easy to welcome shy or reactive dogs into our program, either with individualized visits or customizing groups to meet your dogs needs. We want all dogs to be as comfortable as possible, hopefully building new skills and confidence on the way.

My dog is very rambunctious/lazy or has medical needs. Can he participate?

Yes. During the meet and greet, we will consider your pets’ individualized needs and idiosyncrasies, making a plan to welcome him aboard safely while respecting activity needs or limitations. We will review services that may be a best fit for him to get the most bang for your buck.

Are walks still provided in rain/sleet/snow/heat?

Services are provided in ALL weather conditions. When safety is a concern, we may limited scope and duration to protect pets and employees. Unless there is a travel ban with-in the city, we will make arrangements to see your pet, even in the worst conditions. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up-to-date schedule adjustments.

I have a bully breed dog. Can he participate?

Yes. Your dog will receive the same behavioral evaluation provided to all dogs coming on board. We will make the same recommendations based on temperament and behavior as we would any other dog.